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Mangaluru: 13th Anniversary of ‘Naman Ballok Jesu’ Celebrated
“Carmelite friars in the city of Mangalore have made a remarkable impact on Konkani literature and language in the past decades. They have taken up a unique and timely mission of making Konkani desirable to little children and adults as well by organizing story telling competitions and Konkani poetry recital challenge online. The advanced use of technology for the spread of Konkani language is what makes them unique” said Nanu Marol Tottam, Convener of Daji Dubai, Konakni Writers forum on the occasion of 13th anniversary programme of ‘Naman Ballok Jesu’ popular Konkani monthly of the Infant Jesus Shrine, Bikarnakatte, Mangaluru. The 13th anniversary of the magazine was celebrated on September 15 at Carmel Hill, Bikarnakatte in the city. It began with a prayer song by the Carmelite brothers Fr Jocy Siddakatte, Editor of the magazine welcomed the guests and said that this celebration is of readers and writers. Rev. Fr George Santumayor, Asst. Provincial of the Carmelites of Karnataka-Goa Province, addressing the gathering said that the magazine has stepped into teenage, which is the sign of mischievous age of exploring what is around. “Naman Ballok Jesu has been exploring Christian life; not only the spiritual aspects but also it explores sociological witness. Hence the editors and writers have become a great source in pooling innovative ideas and executing them through the magazine for the benefit of all”, he said.

Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary :
Infant Jesus Shrine had celebrated Nativity on 8th of September. Almost two thousand people had joined for the masses.

“I just thread the needle; it is God who does the work.” – Mary of Jesus Crucified. Carmel has one hundred and one reasons to rejoice but the greatest among them all is the joy of Our Lady handing over her mantle to her young brothers who desire to follow her steps closely under her patronage. With the theme “Tuje Sangim, Tuje Khatir” (With You, for You), eight young brothers zealously stepped forward to pledge their allegiance to Jesus Christ for life. By vowing Chastity, Poverty and Obedience, they displayed heroic courage and dedicated themselves for the service of the Church. These soldiers in the Carmelite battalion are Ronald Pudthado, Aaron Babusha Rodrigues, Jason Cutinho, Naveen Lobo, Rakeshbhai Parmar, Melwin Lasrado, Nikesh D’Souza and Kiran Lobo.

Press release : June 03, 2021
Naman Ballok Jesu, Konkani Monthly launches ‘Carmel Matrimonial’ – Web portal
Mangaluru, June 03: Rev. Fr Charles Serrao OCD, Superior of St Joseph’s Monastery and Infant Jesus Shrine, Carmel Hill, Bikarnakatte, Mangaluru launched ‘’ the most trusted coastal matrimonial service, on Thursday, June o3 at Infant Jesus Shrine, Bikarnakatte, Mangaluru. Fr Jocy Siddakatte OCD, Managing Director of Carmel Matrimonial, Fr Stephen Lobo OCD, Director of Carmel Studio, who designed the website, Fr Rovel D Souza, Director of Infant Jesus Shrine were present during the event. This portal serves all Roman Catholic people in India and Abroad. The website has highly modern technology, numerous search and filter options where one can register and search according to their specific criteria on age, height, community, profession, location, and much more than that it's designed as a responsive site to elucidate use on the computer, tablet, or mobile. The name is made visible only on ‘express interest’ to respect privacy. Abusive profiles can be reported. Regular custom emails and notifications along with the Chat options make the process easier. Payments can be made online, bank transfer, cash, or cheque. The contact details, email ID of the members will not be displayed anywhere on the site.


Canonical Establishment of OCDS Community at Bikarnakatte
April 09, 2021 was a day of thanksgiving and jubilation for the OCDS of St Teresa of Avila community at Bikarnakatte, Carmel Hill, Mangalore which was Canonically Established by Rev. Fr Saverio Cannistra, OCD General Superior. To mark this unique event, the Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Rev. Fr Pius James D’Souza, Provincial along with seven concelebrants. Fr Rovel D’Souza, OCDS spiritual assistant, preached a meaningful homily. After the homily the OCDS members renewed their promises to the Lord. Subsequently there was a short programme during which the official decree of the canonical establishment of the OCDS community was read by Fr Deep Fernandes, Delegate Provincial of OCDS. Mrs. Laveena compered the programme and Mrs. Mary Rebello, the President welcomed the gathering. Fr Provincial in his address highlighted the human, Christian and Carmelite formation in the life of the OCDS. Fr Charles Serrao, the Superior of Carmel Hill sketched the history of the Carmelite Secular Order. Fr Patrick Lobo was especially mentioned and thanked for his pioneering work in laying the foundation of the OCDS at Carmel Hill, Mangalore. Mrs. Leena proposed the vote of thanks. The Province is happy with the growth that has taken place in the community during the past 18 years and invites it to aspire to still greater prowess.

Golden jubilee of religious profession was celebrated at Infant Jesus Shrine Bikarnakatte, Mangalore.
50 years religious profession jubilee was celebrated at Infant Jesus Shrine. Rev. Fr. Charles Serrao OCD, Rev. Fr. Joe Tauro, Rev. Fr. Jossy Rodrigues OCD committed themselves with three vows( Chastity, Poverty and Obedience) to the Lord in Kerala.  It was a moment of joy and God's blessings over five long deceds. Fr. Serrao, who hailed from Siddhakatte had glorious years of service as Definator General of carmelite Order for 12 years, provincial for 6 years rector of international seminary in Rome now resides in Mangalore as superior of St. Joseph's monastery in Mangalore. Fr. Tauro hails from Bondel. He was rector of international seminary in Rome, provincial superior of the province for six years. He has served in various capacity to the order and the church.  Fr. Jossy hails from Kulshekar. He has served the province since the beginning of the province as formator, superior, novice master in the province. At present he resides in Carmelita monastery Madgoa. Due to illness he couldn't join the celebration.

We wish all the celebrants God's blessings.

¨Á®AiÉÄøÀÄ«£À ¥ÀÅtåPÉëÃvÀæPÉÌ ±Á¸ÀPÀgÁzÀ ªÉÃzÀªÁå¸ï PÁªÀÄvïgÀªÀgÀ ¨ÉÃn
¨Á®AiÉÄøÀÄ«£À ¥ÀÅtåPÉëÃvÀæPÉÌ ¸ÀܽÃAiÀÄ ±Á¸ÀPÀgÁzÀ ²æêÀiÁ£ï ªÉÃzÀªÁå¸ï PÁªÀÄvïgÀªÀgÀÄ ¨ÉÃn ¤Ãr ªÁ¶ðPÀ ªÀĺÉÆÃvÀìªÀPÉÌ ±ÀĨsÀ ºÁgÉʹzÀgÀÄ. ¸ÀܽÃAiÀÄ PÁ¥ÉÇðÃgÉÃlgï PÁªÀå £ÀlgÁeï, ²æêÀÄw D±Á r'¹¯Áé, £ÁªÀÄ ¤zÉðñÀ£À ¸ÀzÀ¸ÀågÁV DAiÉÄÌAiÀiÁzÀ gÀªÉÄñï PÀAqÉlÄÖ G¥À¹ÜvÀjzÀÝgÀÄ. ªÀA| UÀÄgÀÄ ZÁ¯ïðì ¸ÉgÁªÉÇ, ªÀA| UÀÄgÀÄ gÉƪɯï r'¸ÉÆÃd, ªÀA| UÀÄgÀÄ ¥ÀæPÁ±ï r'¹¯ÁégÀªÀgÀÄ CªÀgÀ£ÀÄß ¸ÁéUÀw¹ ¥ÀÅtåPÉëÃvÀæzÀ §UÉÎ ªÀiÁ»w ¤ÃrzÀgÀÄ.

Infant Jesus Shrine: Feast Triduum Concludes
Mangalore 16, Infant Jesus feast at the Shrine at Birkarnakatte concluded today. Thousands flocked to the shrine to thank the Infant Jesus whole day. In the morning Fr. Ashwith Crasta, Fr. Nelson Almeida, Fr. Alvito Fernandes, Fr. Vijay Machado, Patrick Lobo, Wilferd Rodrigus, Canute D’Souza, Gregory D’Souza, Michel Monis, Fr. Paul Melwin Dsouza Episcopal Vicar for Religious Mangalore diocese, and Rt. Rev. Dr. Aloysius Paul D’Souza (Retd. Bishop of Mangalore) presided over the masses through out the day. Huge number of priests also took part in the mass. Fr. Charles Serrao and Fr. Rovel D’Souza thanked all people including volunteers, donors, police personals, politicians and all officers. After the mass a small Eucharistic procession was held. All faithful had to follow the Covid-19 rules. Girija healthcare helped the shrine and all the faithful to maintain the sanitization.

St Joseph book Released at Infant Jesus Shrine Bikarnakatte, Mangalore.
Pope Francis has declared the year of St Joseph from December 8, 2020 to December 8, 2021. On this occasion he has given the apostolic letter Patris Cordae which consists of the qualities of St Joseph. Mangala Jyothi Publication of the Diocese of Mangalore has published a new book on the life of St Joseph in konkani. The inauguration of this book took place at Infant Jesus Shrine, Bikarnakatte, Mangalore by Most Rev. Dr. Peter Paul Saldanha, Bishop of Mangalore. The Provincial of Carmelites Rev. Dr. Pius D’Souza, the Superior of St Joseph Monastery Fr. Charles, the Director of the Shrine Fr. Rovel D’Souza and Director of Mangala Jyothi, Fr Vijay Machado were present on this occasion.

9th day of the Infant Jesus Shrine, Mangalore
The final day of the novena had a central theme of “ praying for religious”. Fr. Sunil D’Souza, Fr. Dominic Vas, Fr. Deep Fernandes, Fr. Arvin Tauro, Pius James D’Souza Provincial of KG Province, and Fr. Sandeep Kumar were main celebrants. It was also Carmelite fraternity day for the KG province of Carmelites. Rev Dr Archibald Gonsalves, Rev fr Melwyn D'Cunha, Rev fr Geroge Santumayer, Rev fr Charles Serrano, Rev fr Rovel D'Souza and many priests concelabted.

Infant Jesus Novena – Mangaluru, Day 2
Theme of the day was gift of peace between all religions. The Holy Eucharist started at 6a.m. Fr. Ivan, Fr. Patrick, Fr. Clifford, Fr. Archibald, Fr. Joy, Fr. Arun and Fr. John Lobo celebrated the mass. It was emphasized to respect various religious and their traditions. Peace is the result of mutual acceptance. Society will grow beautifully only when we accept others without any discriminations or any bias ideas. All the preachers stressed on openness in our relation with others. Whole world can be compared to a flower bouquet. Each religion is a fragrant flower. Only when many different flowers brought together bring beauty to the flower bouquet. Therefore it is important to accept and respect all.

Infant Jesus Shrine Bikarnakatte Mangalore Novena –, Day 1
First day Infant Jesus Novena was held on 5th January, 2021. Rev. Fr. Charles Serrao, Rev. Fr. Gregory D’Souza, Rev. Fr. Roopesh – Bondel, Rev. Fr. Wilfred Rodrigues, Rev. Fr. Joseph D’Souza, Rev. Fr. Lancy Mendonca, Rev. Fr. Vijay Machado etc. offered Masses. Today special prayers were offered for youth. Huge number of multitude came to the shrine. Covid – 19 regulations were duly observed. Today all prayers were focused for Youth. All youth if they have to develop well, have to focus on self control. Only then we can focus on our mission. Animal nature in us has to be subdued. This was the main teaching of today. There was Masses from Morning 6AM to 7:30PM in Konkani, English, Kannada & Malayalam. Many Devotees took part in this Novena Masses.

Infant Jesus annual feast 2021
Infant Jesus feast inauguration was done on 4th Jan, 2021. As a part of preparation for the annual feast of Infant Jesus 2021, nine days novena masses was inaugurated by hoisting flag in premises of the church. Very Rev. Fr. Pius James Dsouza OCD provincial KG province, Mr. Naveen Dsouza Corporator, Fr. Charles Serrao, Superior, Fr. Rovel Dsouza Director of the Shrine, many priests, Carmelite brothers and faithful gathered for this function. Mr. Naveen D’Souza Corporator and Fr. Pius James hoisted flag. “how nice to live as brothers and sisters “ is the theme of the year. Fr. Prakash Dcunha broke the word of God, and insisted that we are all children of One God. We need to forget the differences that we have between us and live like one family. Fr. Rovel Dsouza thanked the gathering. Thus from 5th of Jan onwards nine days novena masses will start. Each day total nine masses will be celebrated. 14th, 15th, 16th of January will be the annual feast days of the year. Special prayers will be held for the control of Covid-19 epidemic.

Media Release
Infant Jesus Shrine-Carmel Hill Gearing Up for Annual Feast & Silver Jubilee Celebrations

Mangaluru, Jan 2: Infant Jesus Shrine, Carmel Hill, Bikarnakatte here held a press meet on 2nd January 2021 to brief about the Annual Feast and Silver Jubilee celebrations to be held at the shrine. The celebrations will be held from 14th to 16th January 2021, the details of which are given below.
1. Festal Celebration:
The Festal Mass on Jan 14at 10.30a.m will be presided over by Rev. Fr. Ronald Serrao, Rector of St Joseph’s Seminary and at 6.00p.m. will be presided over by Most Rev. Dr Francis Serrao, Bishop of Shimoga.
The Festal Mass on Jan 15 at 10.30a.m. will be presided over by Most Rev. Dr. Peter Paul Saldanha, Bishop of Mangalore and at 6.00p.m. will be presided over by Very Rev. Maxim Noronha, Vicar General of Mangalore Diocese.
The Festal Mass on Jan 16 at 10.30a.m. will be presided over by Rev. Fr. Paul Melwin DSouza OFM Cap, Vicar for Religious, Mangalore and at 6.00p.m. will be presided over by Most Rev. Dr. Aloysius Paul D Souza, Bishop Emeritus.
There will be Masses all through the day too on 14 Jan. Mass in Konkani will be celebrated at 6.00 a.m. 7.30a.m. in English, 9.00 a.m. in Konkani and 1.00 p.m. in Kannada. Mass for the sick and the aged will be celebrated at 10.30 a.m. in Konkani.

Solemn Celebration of Christmas at Infant Jesus Shrine, Carmel Hill
After a long period of house rest and lack of public liturgical celebrations, the Christmas celebrations seem to have brought some solace to the faithful. After a long gap of 8-9 months the premises of Infant Jesus Shrine saw a good number of faithful gathered for a solemn celebration of Christmas. The Holy Eucharist was held in the open ground. Rev. Fr Charles Serrao, Superior of St Joseph’s Monastery presided over the solemn mass. 14 friars and 2 deacons also concelebrated. Fr Steve Lobo, breaking the word of God said, “God became man to live with us and to part take in all phases of our life. He laughed, cried, ate, spoke, performed healings among us and valued every single soul as his own! Thus goes the message of Christmas that ‘this Christmas should leave no one behind, no one alone!’ The pandemic has brought untold disasters and unexpressed sufferings in the family. This has caused depression in many and some have succumbed to suicide. Therefore this season should remind us to stand with and for others.” After the Mass winners of star making competition were given prizes.

Star Making Competition held at Infant Jesus
A Christmas Star making competition was organized by Infant Jesus Shrine, Carmel Hill, Mangaluru in collaboration with Naman Ballok Jesu, Konkani Monthly and Carmel Studio. A good number of participants prepared innovative stars at home and brought to the Shrine for judgment. Stars were made of natural products and of waste materials that are easily available. First prize was bagged by Mr William D Souza, Vamanjoor, Second prize was shared among two participants – Br Joyus OFM, Farangipete and Mr Heric, Merla Pdavu. Third prize again shared by Mr Victor Morries, Vamanjoor and Melish D Souza, Eliyar Padavu. The prizes were distributed to all winners by Rev Fr Charles Serrao, Superior of St Joseph’s Monastery, on 24 December 2020 after the festal mass at Infant Jesus Shrine.

‘CARMEL CAROLS SINGING COMPETITION 2020’ held at Infant Jesus Shrine, Carmel Hill
Infant Jesus Shrine, Carmel Hill, Mangalore in association with Naman Ballok Jesu, Konkani Monthly and Carmel Studio, organized ‘CARMEL CAROLS SINGING COMPETITION 2020’ on 14 December 2020 at 5.00 p.m. As the Carmelite Brothers commenced the programme with their melodious carols, the Infant Jesus Shrine premises was bathed in an ambiance of bliss and joy. The event was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Mr Sunil Xavier, the owner of Jillu Auto Gas who was also the main sponsor of the event. The Provincial of the Discalced Carmelites of the Karnataka-Goa Province Rev. Fr. Pius James D’Souza along with the co-sponsor of the event Mr. Valerian Lobo, the owner of Royal Furnitures, Karkala graced the occasion with their presence. Fr. Charles Serrao, the Superior of St Joseph’s Monastery, Fr Rovel D’Souza, the Director of Infant Jesus Shrine, Fr Stephen Lobo, the Director of Carmel Studio and Fr JoCy. Siddakatte, the Editor of Naman Ballok Jesu were among the dignitaries present. The event was supported by Master Eric Machado and his parents Godwin and Zarina.

Feast Of Assumption of Mary & 74th Independence Day Celebrated at Infant Jesus Shrine
The feast of the Assumption of Mary was solemnised with the Holy Mass at the Infant Jesus Shrine along with the faithful gathered. Its almost after 4 months the Shrine is opened for public service. The Newly appointed Superior of St. Joseph's Monastery on Carmel Hill, Rev. Fr. Charles Serrao OCD presided over the Holy Mass, along with other friars. After the Holy Mass Flag was hoisted honoring the Nation on the occasion of 74th Independence Day. Rev. Fr. Wilfred Rodrigues, OCD hoisted the Flag. In his message, "Today we honor those heroes who had sacrificed their lives in the freedom struggle, but this year we have a special call to remember and salute the Corona warriors who have toiled to save lives of the people affected with Covid 19 Pandamic. To build a Nation united, we need to respect and remember our history, freedom fighters and Corona warriors. So that saving the lives of all people belonging to different faiths, creed and color may become priority of the nation."

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The Carmelites in Karnataka: The Teresian Carmelites had established themselves in Goa and in Kerala in the seventeenth century. And since the region formerly known as the Carnatic, lies between Goa in the north and Kerala in the South, the Carmelites had inevitably to pass through Karnataka when proceeding by land from Goa to Kerala. And it is not surprising to find them residing at least on a temporary basis, in places like Bijapur, which form part of today's Karnataka. In his ‘Viaggio alle Indie Orientali’ Fr. Vincent Mary of St Catherine, has left us interesting descriptions of the beliefs, customs, feasts of the Canara of his time, and even of the scenic beauties and the cultivation and other aspects of life. But he found the Christians greatly neglected. And, on his reporting the need of the Canara Christians to the Holy See, Mangalore secured its first Vicar Apostolic in 1677. 8 read more

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Infant Jesus has been honored with a magnificent shrine at Carmel Hill, Mangalore. The architectural structure and design of the newly inaugurated shrine is unique in many ways. Carefully planned, it has a rich symbolic meaning and significance derived principally from Biblical themes, of both the old and the new testaments. Here below we give in brief its main features. Here below we give in brief its main features. Here below we give in brief its main features. Here below we give in brief its main features. 8 read more

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You are welcome to benefit spiritually from the reflections of our Carmelite Friar - Rev. (Dr) Rudolf V. D’Souza, OCD

Retreat preached on the theme “The Kingdom of God is at hand” at Abu Dhabi, from 26 November to 2 December, 2009.
Day 1: The Kingdom of God
Day 2: The Beatitudes
Day 3: The Seven Sacraments
Day 4: the Ten Commandments
Day 5: Holy Mother, the Church and Mother mary
Day 6A: Family
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Retreat preached at Ruwi – Muscat (Oman) from 20 to 24 January 2008

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Homilies preached on various occasions from 2007-2009 at St. Joseph’s Church, Mira Road, Mumbai (now the largest parish in the Archdiocese of Bombay) when he was Parish Priest.
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