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The Annual Feast of INFANT JESUS was celebrated on the 14th of January, 2015.
The solemn concelebrated mass was at 6.00.p.m.
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Infant Jesus Feast @ Various Places


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Mount Carmel Feast at Infant Jesus Shrine, Bikernakatte
Mount Carmel Feast was celebrated at Infant Jesus Shrine, Bikernakatte on 17th July 2016 at 5.30 pm. The Solemn Mass was presided by Most Rev. Dr. Aloysius Paul D'Souza, Bishop of Mangalore Diocese and was attended by many people. The Celebrants included Fr. Joe Tauro, Superior, St Jospeph's Monastery, Fr. Barnabas Monis, Fr. Elias D'Souza, Fr. Jocy D'Souza, Fr. Andrew D'Souza, Fr. Joseph Martis. Fr. Victor Machado, Fr. Rajesh Rosario, Fr. Praveen Frank. Many religious sisters and various sodalities made the celebration very vibrant. The Carmelite Community felicitated Most Rev. Dr. Aloysius Paul D'Souza on the occassion for 20 years jubilee of Episcopate, 50 years of Priesthood and 75 years of life. In the Morning there were 4 masses, and the solemn mass was in the evening. Scapulars were distributed at all the masses to the people.
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MLC's visit to Infant Jesus Shrine, Mangaluru

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Solemn Profession @ Infant Jesus Shrine, Mangaluru

It was a day of great joy and jubilation for the Carmelites on 31st of May, 2016 at 3.30 pm, as they witnessed five young and energetic brothers pronouncing their religious vows for life at the Infant Jesus Shrine, Bikarnakatte - Mangaluru. The rite of Solemn Profession animated by Fr. Prakash D’Cunha OCD, was beautifully integrated in the Eucharistic celebration. Rev. Fr. George Santhumayor the Vicar Provincial, exhorted the candidates to be ‘the beacons of Joy of the Gospel.’ The highlight of the ceremony was making the religious profession in the hands of the Vicar Provincial of the Carmelites, Rev. Fr. George Santhumayor OCD.

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Easter Vigil celebrated at INFANT JESUS SHRINE.

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People in large number gather together as Way of the Cross was conducted at INFANT JESUS SHRINE in Mangalore.

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Maundy Thursday at Infant Jesus Shrine, Mangalore

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Infant Jesus Fest 2016 : Infant Jesus Shrine, Mangaluru

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9th  day of Novena at Infant Jesus Shrine, Mangaluru
Theme : Protection of Nature - Humanity's Future - for Religious

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8th  day of Novena at Infant Jesus Shrine, Mangaluru
Theme : Care of the Weak - Challenge  to the Strong - For Sick

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Fifth day of Novena at Infant Jesus Shrine, Mangaluru
Theme : Our Family Our Strength - for Children

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Fourth day of Novena at Infant Jesus Shrine, Mangaluru
Theme : Firm Faith - our choice - for Youth

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Third day of Novena at Infant Jesus Shrine, Mangaluru
Theme : Healthy Soul - Abode of God - Vocations

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Second day of Novena at Infant Jesus Shrine, Mangaluru
Theme : Pure Mind - Rich Life ......for Teachers

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Grand celebration of Rainbow of seven landmarks at Carmel Hills
Mangalore, December 21, 2015

Rev Fr Charles Serrao, Provincial Superior of the Order of Carmelites stressed on the importance of virtual media to reach out to more and more people in its efforts to spread the Word of God. He was presiding over the celebrations to mark the 7th anniversary of ‘Naman Ballok Jesu’, the popular Konkani monthly, organised last evening, 20th December 2015, at Carmel Hills, in the premises of Infant Jesus Shrine at Bikarnakatte. He said “Earlier the communication media was not widely used for proclaiming Word of God. However in the last 15 years there has been a concerted effort to use the media to spread the Word of God. The Carmelites have been carrying out this task devotedly and successfully in the last 7 years.”
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Shalon Joanne Pais  is NBJ Yuva Pratibha Puraskar 2015 Winner

We are proud to announce Ms Shalon Joanne Pais as the winner of the NBJ Yuva Pratibha Puraskar 2015. The first-ever NBJ Yuva Pratibha Puraskar has been instituted by Ms Mavis and Calvin Rodrigues in the name of ‘Akash-Amulya’, to mark the celebration of stepping into the 7th year of the publication of the Konkani monthly magazine (in Kannada script), Naman Bhallok Jesu (NBJ), to recognize, honour and encourage talented Catholic Youth and thereby inspire the younger generation to excel in their chosen fields.

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Diaconate at St Joseph’s Inter diocesan Seminary, Jeppu
Carmelite Bros. Ashwin D’Silva and Stevan Lobo were elavated to the order of Diaconate at St Joseph’s Interdiocesan Seminary, Jeppu in city on Wednesday, October 14 along with other 11 candidates of 7 dioceses across India. Dr Gerard Issac Lobo the Bishop of Udupi conferred the order of Diaconate to these 13 candidates. Homily was delivered by Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo where he meaningfully explained the nature and importance of the ministry of Diaconate in the Church, quoting the example of arch deacon St Lawrence and his love towards poor and needy thus set an example to the newly ordained on this day. “The Church extends its love and whole hearted acceptance towards this young men’s response to the divine call” was the core message of the homily.
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 About St. Joseph Monastery :    

The Carmelites in Karnataka: The Teresian Carmelites had established themselves in Goa and in Kerala in the seventeenth century. And since the region formerly known as the Carnatic, lies between Goa in the north and Kerala in the South, the Carmelites had inevitably to pass through Karnataka when proceeding by land from Goa to Kerala. And it is not surprising to find them residing at least on a temporary basis, in places like Bijapur, which form part of today's Karnataka. In his ‘Viaggio alle Indie Orientali’ Fr. Vincent Mary of St Catherine, has left us interesting descriptions of the beliefs, customs, feasts of the Canara of his time, and even of the scenic beauties and the cultivation and other aspects of life. But he found the Christians greatly neglected. And, on his reporting the need of the Canara Christians to the Holy See, Mangalore secured its first Vicar Apostolic in 1677. 8 read more

 About Infant Jesus Shrine :    

Infant Jesus has been honored with a magnificent shrine at Carmel Hill, Mangalore. The architectural structure and design of the newly inaugurated shrine is unique in many ways. Carefully planned, it has a rich symbolic meaning and significance derived principally from Biblical themes, of both the old and the new testaments. Here below we give in brief its main features. Here below we give in brief its main features. Here below we give in brief its main features. Here below we give in brief its main features. 8 read more

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You are welcome to benefit spiritually from the reflections of our Carmelite Friar - Rev. (Dr) Rudolf V. D’Souza, OCD

Retreat preached on the theme “The Kingdom of God is at hand” at Abu Dhabi, from 26 November to 2 December, 2009.
Day 1: The Kingdom of God
Day 2: The Beatitudes
Day 3: The Seven Sacraments
Day 4: the Ten Commandments
Day 5: Holy Mother, the Church and Mother mary
Day 6A: Family
Day 6B: Love
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Retreat preached at Ruwi – Muscat (Oman) from 20 to 24 January 2008

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Homilies preached on various occasions from 2007-2009 at St. Joseph’s Church, Mira Road, Mumbai (now the largest parish in the Archdiocese of Bombay) when he was Parish Priest.
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